Marcel @ Cologne Beach Style 2014

On saturday the 18th of July there was a hot event in Cologne:

The record of 172 male and female athletes came together to celebrate another

Beach Style competition organized by the German BB-magazin Body X-treme.


In compartiment 3 of the men´s physics class there was also Marcel Herz,

since recently member of the NANOX athlete´s family, competing for the well

perception of the Jury. This was for him a proof of hard training and small

dishes to come into optimal shape, which he has to repeat

for the national championship in autumn in Wiesloch.


At very high temperatures of 34° Celsius in the shadow and a stage floor

getting as hot as a grill warfer, with the friendly support of the local

NANOX-distributor Toni Schmitter from Body Store Cologne and

NANOX Germany Director Rainer Pinell, Marcel made a strong performance

on stage (see picture & more in the links:


But competition was big and Marcel missed at least the final 5 of 32

in his group; young Marcel took it as a lesson and went back

home with the comment: I will analyse and try harder!