FAQ-List by Personal Trainers




1. Is L-Carnitine effective for weight loss and prevention of cardiovascular diseases?

L-Carnitine burns free fatty acids in the mitochondria and as such is effective for weight loss, surely in combination with Sveltax, which decomposes fat in FFA’s. L-Carnitine itself is not really effective as protection for cardiovascular diseases, that’s why we completed our product L-Carnitine 5000 also with Choline and Inositol. Inositol plays a very important role in the human body and takes care that the fatty acids remain in solution in the blood and do not stick to the epithelial wall, provoking atherosclerosis. It also regulates the transition of fats and cholesterol in the body. Choline and Inositol taken together are capable of lowering the cholesterol in the body.

2. What are the benefits of BCAA 4:1:1 compared to the classic combination of 2:1:1?

When discussing anabolic activity, Leucine is one of the key signal functions for activating protein synthesis and so muscle building. So, a product with a higher dose of Leucine would be more effective in this respect than the classical one.

3. What supplements are recommended for people over 40 years old?

First of all, there are no supplements, which are not recommended or forbidden for 40Y+. However for older people you always have to watch caffeine content and monitor for instance blood pressure and heart rhythm. People suffering from heart diseases or higher blood pressure these products are less advised. Products like coffee coach, Nanoproxil and Lipixor. As alternative in these cases we recommend Sveltax, Xtreme Blast and L-Carnitine 5000, which do not increase heart rhythm or blood pressure. Another very valuable product for older sporters is of course Androx Q12 since it promotes higher testosterone levels and so higher anabolic activity.

4. Can I take vitamins and supplements on a regular basis, without break?

When the dosis is correct (100% RI) then it is no problem to take these on a continuous daily base. However be aware of high dosed vitamins. Some may have serious side effect, mainly vit A and E.

5. Is it allowed using supplements during pregnancy? Which ones exactly are allowed?

You have to watch certain components which are not recommended during pregnancy: too high caffeine levels, too high vit A and E, Beta Alanine and other substances which have a stimulating activity or potentially toxic in too high doses. However several products are even recommended for pregnant women like multivitamin and mineral complexes and BCAA’s.

6. Why market represent so little number of plant-based protein products?

They are more difficult to dose and in different cases inferior to whey proteins; Whey still is preferable to other protein sources due to its high biological value, high digestibility, taste etc. … . Pea protein, which we are using, is widespread in several countries and comes the closest in biological value to whey protein but is heavier to digest, more difficult to process in factories etc. … .

7. What is the best set of sports nutrition that can be recommended for weight loss?

Speaking of the best product is difficult and always in combination with a specific diet: carb-free, protein-rich etc. … . As a standard I prefer the combination Sveltax/ L-Carnitine 5000.

8. What main principle guides you during creation of your new product?

I use similar guidelines as for creating medicinal products or medicated food, always using high quality ingredients, correct activity planning and following GMP/GDP as well as HACCP guidelines

9. How fat burners and energy drinks effect on human health?

They act through very different ways, depending on the ingredients present. For instance: - Caffeine is a thermogenic substance increasing energy turnover and also has a water draining effect - L-carnitine is turning FFA’s into energy by burning these in the mitochondria - Chitosan is binding fat in the intestines and reducing the uptake of fat - Capsaicin is splitting fat molecules in the liver, which then can be burned into energy - Fibers are increasing and regulating defecation… - Etc.

10. What are your key differences with other sport nutrition companies?

You will find the differences on many points: - Excellent taste - High quality standards - Activity and inventively - Originality of most products

11. What supplement could be used to restore the CNS?

If you mean restoring Central Nervous System, then I don’t have any in our range. Some minerals and supplements like selenium, like SOD etc. will have in limited ways such an effect.

12. Is it well proved to use beta-alanine as an antioxidant?

Beta alanine is no antioxidant but a beta amino acid. It is one of the components of carnosine, which has the antioxidant potential. Carnosine = beta alanine + histidine. This product is a strong free radical scavenger and an excellent buffer substance against lactate. This activity is very significant.

13. Does sports supplements have any age restrictions?

No, as stated in question 3, for older people you have to be careful with stimulants but there is no age limit.

14. Why do you use as a sweetener Sucralose instead of Stevia?

It’s been known for a long time that Stevia is the only sweetener safe for health. We use Sucralose because it is the closest to beet sugar from a structural point of view. You also can use it in very low concentrations. Stevia is a product, which changes the taste of several products and not always in the good direction. For instance it is very difficult to obtain a good tasting protein product with stevia.

15. It is considered that glucosamine and chondroitin are key components that help to restore joints and cure arthritis. However, Nanox ProFlex does not contain these components. Why?

We used collagen type II instead of chondroitin and glucosamine. To have a good effect of chond + glu you need to take these products at least for 6 months. Collagen II already give good results after 2 months! Besides this there are many countries where chondroitine and glucosamine have to be registered as drugs.

Johan Quintens
Managing director
Nanox International