NAME: Max Foord
BORN: Derbyshire, U.K. 15/feb/1996
SCHOOL: Dawn House School + Portland College

EMPLOYMENT:  Part-time Gym Instructor at Leisure Centre

Max is an 19 year old and is Aspergers Syndrome Autistic with other physical disabilities such as Talipes of both feet, Scoliosis of the back & deformed ribcage.

He has had various operations at a young age. Although he will need regular physio and massages, sport has given him the power to create a better, more stronger and capable body more than ever before. He is going from strength to strength and Nanox is helping him to achieve this.

Max lives in Derbyshire in England. He has been training for 4 years at "INTRIM GYM" Alfreto, a small and homely gym. John Fritchley, the owner, has supported him in many ways over the years. Max trains 5 days a week. During competition phases, he ads and extra Sunday session with other World Champions at the "Angels Gym" in Mansfield.

The College he went to provides for people with varying degrees of disabilities, mentally and physically. It also has its own leisure, where Max did his Sports studies qualifications for 3 years. In November 2012 they entered into the annual Rotarian Disability Championships, where he joined the team.

This was Max his first introduction to 'Powerlifting'. He won and fell in love with the sport. He has worked with his disabilities all his life and throughout many setbacks, Powerlifting gave him the belief, self-esteem and confidence to dream and create a life full of sport.


  • 2013:
    • GREAT BRITISH CHAMPIONSHIPS April. 1ST PLACE. RAW BENCH PRESS: Teen Category 75kg. Lifted. 105KG
    • WPU WORLD POWERLIFTING CHAMPIONSHIP. Holland November 2013. RAW BENCH PRESS: Teen Category 75kg Lifted 110kg & Won the title & category. 
  • 2014:
    • EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIPS :JUNE.1ST PLACE.RAW BENCH PRESS. Teen category 75kg. Lifted 125KG...Broke world record & set BRAND NEW WORLD RECORD!!!
  • 2015:
    • Max moved up weight category to 82.5kg, still within Teen category
    • GREAT BRITISH CHAMPIONSHIPS: April. 1ST PLACE. RAW BENCH PRESS: Teen Category. 82.5kg. Lifted 132.5KG
    • EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIPS: JUNE.1ST PLACE. RAW BENCH PRESS: Teen Category. 82.5kg. Lifted 132.5KG  



At the moment Max is in training for the WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS in October 2015, which are held in Limmerick in IRELAND. He would love to represent his country and Nanox and bring home a trophy. Max will continue to develop his current powerlifting career, refine and tone his skills. He would also like to become an ambassador for all-inclusive sports, to inspire others and how them just what can be achieved, when you are against all odds. Having just finished college this year and working a part-time job as instructor in the gym, he dreams of owning and running his own gym.



  1. BCCA 4:1:1
  2. ANDROX-Q12 great results and never had any downsides from it.