NAME: Jennifer Teuwen 
SCHOOL: UNIVERSITY Communication & Marketing; Certified Personal Trainer & Sports Nutrition Consultant 
EMPLOYMENT: Fitness Instructor & Wellbeing Advisor/Personal Trainer/Sports Nutrition Consultant

LIFE: I'm living in Brussels and working as a freelance personal trainer and sports nutritionist with Sport-Nutrition shop, your official Belgian retailer.  I've been involved in the Fitness field for more than 8 years now and I've worked as a fitness instructor in many gyms in Brussels.  My boyfriend is also personal trainer and powerlifter, and together we are developing Online Coaching with our website.

SPORT CAREER: I started with Ballets and Modern Jazz at the age of 7.  When I was a teenager, I also did athletics, boxing and aerobics.  I started Fitness when I was at the University and became Group Classes Instructor before obtaining my Master Degree (aerobics, Steps, Bodysculpt...).  In 2008, I decided to work only in the Fitness field and study to become a personal trainer. My first contest was a challenge but I obtained the 2nd place after only 4 weeks of diet!

  • IFBB Belgium Championships 2013 Bodybuilding 2nd place
  • IFBB Belgium Championships 2013 Bodyfitness 3rd place
  • IFBB Flex Cup 2013 (International Open Contest) Women's Physique 5th place
  • NAC International Luxembourg Championships 2015 Miss Physique 1st place
  • NAC World Championships 2015 Miss Physique 7th place

AMBITIONS: I'm preparing now for the selection of NAC World Championships 2016 in Figure Class; I hope to be in the Top! I want also obtain good results with my clients preparing national championships.



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Nanox Athlete - Jennifer TeuwenNanox Athlete - Jennifer TeuwenNanox Athlete - Jennifer Teuwen