NAME: Castro José -Cazé

BORN: 3 April 1984

LIFE: Caze is a Personal Trainer and practices Marketing in ProGym in Mozambique.


2013-2014, Durban, South-Africa: Caze was talking a walk on the beach. At that day many people complemented him on his physical appearance. A man walked up to him and advised him to compete in the Men’s Physique challenge. Caze never could have imaged of competing, but nevertheless he accepted the challenge and began to train from then on. In April his first competition took place and surprisingly he won first place at the KZN Iron Man Novice 2014. That is how he started his sports career.



  • IFBB KZN Iron Man2014

Man's Physique line up- 1st place

  • NABBA Pretoria Classic 2014 fitness model line up - 4th place
  • WBFF South Africa 2014

Fitness model short class - 3rd place

  • IFBB KZN open 2014

Men’s Physique line up - 1st place

  • Amateur Olympia Africa 2014

Men's Physique short class - 3rd place

  • WBFF South Africa 2015

Fitness model line up - 4th place

  • IFBB Burksburg Classic 2015

Men's Physique U1.78 - 1st place and overall winner


Caze is very motivated, because he is a pioneer in competing in Mozambique. By being a pioneer, he encourages other fellow sporters in Mozambique to follow in his footsteps.



In terms of competition Caze is preparing himself for the WBFF in London (in November 2015). In terms of his career his goal is to win his ProCard and wishes to step up on the stages as one of the best of the world.



  1. Professional Whey
  2. BCAA 4:1:1 Powder
  3. NanoProxil



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Caze Capoeira

Caze Capoeira

Caze Capoeira