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250 gr POWDER

Nanox' L-Glutamass®


Nanox Nutriceuticals' L-Glutamass is highly in demand with athletes and bodybuilders. Glutamine is the most abundant naturally occurring amino acid in our body and fullfills a variety of biochemical functions. With more than 64%, Glutamine is the most present amino acid in muscle cells. Also, L-Glutamass plays a very important role in protein metabolism.

During exercise, the body needs high concentrations of L-Glutamine which it directly takes from skeletal muscles. Therefore, a regular support of L-Glutamine before and after exercise is crucial.

L-Glutamass contains a mix of naturally L-Glutamine and a highly digestible L-Glutamine peptide-bond fraction in a 50% mix. Glutamine peptides are more stable and better assimilated to your body compared to pure Glutamine.


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